Joanna Booth

Joanna Booth

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I’ve been a book editor and reviewer for the past five years; data analyst and social researcher for nine years; software tester and documentation professional for three years; and I have undergraduate and graduate studies in law, politics, statistics, ICT, web apps, and programming.

I specialise in academic work and have worked on PhDs that include statistics and social research. I offer copy editing and feedback on your work, and can format your references and footnotes.

As an editor, the biggest problems I have encountered include the following:

Non-Fiction / Academic

  • Mistakes in the text – whether spelling or grammar
  • English by non-native speakers


  • Holes in the plot
  • Weak and inconsistent characters
  • Incoherent and irrational structures
  • Dialogue that isn’t believable and isn’t consistent
  • Police and other services’ procedures that aren’t accurate

I can help fix all the above or find you someone who will.

For a professional editing service, I offer the following:


I will check your text for spelling, grammar, understanding, and consistency.


Whether you are working on a fiction or a non-fiction manuscript, I can provide feedback on what will make your work even better. Before you send anything to a publisher why not have a professional pair of eyes check that everything is in order.

Email me at to ask for a sample edit and a quote.

Typical cost is £100 for 20,000 words.

Sample edits are free.

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